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Choose between the basic ESL Curriculum Membership and the Interactive Online ESL Curriculum Membership. Then choose any add-ons you'd like to add.

  • Basic ESL Curriculum Membership - For Classroom Teachers - Includes the entire Kid-Inspired catalogue of downloadable resources and teaching tips. 
  • Interactive Online ESL Curriculum Membership - For Online or Remote Teachers   (Includes the Basic ESL Curriculum Membership as well as downloadable landscape PPT files and interactive slides.)

Add-on Options

These popular add-ons were designed to provide next-level support for teachers of English learners. There is an additional fee based on the number of students for each add-on.

  • Interactive Online Student Portal Add-on - Allows teachers to create student accounts so that students can log in themselves and practice with the interactive online content. 
  • ELL Management Portal Add-on - Allows teachers to track student data, view charts on student progress, create reports, and more. 

All plans include

All plans include a free Multi-License Management Portal for managing your account and assigning licenses to teachers.

Optional Add-Ons

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Textbooks are FULL-COLOR. Price INCLUDES SHIPPING within the continental United States. Higher level textbooks coming soon.

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